Our policies below apply to rentals that are our in-stock rentals only. We advise you to order one of the many tuxedo and suit lines we have in-stock to avoid potential problems like improper fit, excessive wear condition and shipment delays.

How much time in advance do I need to be measured and fitted to rent a tuxedo or suit?

We recommend you visit us for a fitting as soon as you know the date of the event for which a tuxedo is needed. At least two weeks is recommended before the scheduled event. Typically, wedding tuxedos are booked 3-6 months prior to the wedding.

Am I required to set up an appointment?

No appointment is necessary. We will also accommodate if you are unable to visit us during our normal open hours by setting up a time that fits your schedule. Is your entire party coming in at the same time? No problem, just let us know in advance and we will staff accordingly.

What if I need a tuxedo or suit rental last minute?

No problem, Arthur's is the only on-site, in-stock rental store in Minnesota. We cannot always guarantee availability on last minute orders, however, we can guarantee that you will leave with a tuxedo that fits perfectly and exceeds your expectations.

When can the rental be picked up and returned?

Rentals are ready to be picked up one to two business days prior to the date of the event. Early pick-up dates are possible when plans have been made in advance. Returns are required to be back the following Monday of the event. No Sunday returns; sleep in!

When do I pay for my rental?

At Arthur's we do not require a down payment on your order. Simply pay when you pick up!

What happens if the tuxedo does not fit?

Arthur's entire inventory is stocked right here in Duluth. We have an alterations department for minor adjustments, such as sleeve lengths or pant hems. Our staff is trained to fix these problems on the spot in minutes. If serious alterations are required, we'll simply pull a replacement order from our inventory. This only takes minutes....it's that simple!

How do I know my color will match the colors you have in your store?

Arthur's guarantees if we do not have the color in stock you are looking for we are able to get it from one of our many wholesalers. Not sure on the exact color at the time you come in? No problem! We offer free swatches for you to take home to guarantee your color matches exactly.

What other products does Arthur's offer?

Arthur's is a one stop shop for many products within the wedding industry. We offer 40% off Wedding Invitations and 10% off "Man Cave" themed Groom's Gifts. We also have the Twin Port's largest garter selection. Dress up your look with our many hats, gloves and canes to choose from.

What are Arthur's late return fees and damage fees?

Arthur's charges a $20 per day late fee for any garments that are not returned by the following Monday of the event date.

Arthur's charges the replacement cost of any garments that are returned with non-repairable damages such as holes, rips or untreatable stains.